6-12 April 2015

Private View: 9th April (6-9pm)

Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG

This next forthcoming exhibition will focus on the subject of human identity and how the unique character of each individual can be expressed through the form of art.

The complexity of human emotions, our individual experiences, beliefs or even changing moods, can all influence the artwork whilst it is being conceived. These elements, amongst others contribute to, what’s considered to form our identity. I am personally fascinated by the actual process of creation and how the artist engages with a specific piece depending on their emotional state at the time of work. In my latest paintings I set myself a challenge to capture these intense moments. In order to achieve this I had to work with a great pace, often allowing the spontaneous decisions to take over the control. I guided the working process rather than controlled it obsessively, by limiting my role to merely ‘keeping an eye’ on the choice of colour palette and the composition. The highly diluted layers of paint were applied one upon another to give the sense of texture and depth.

In my attempt to express myself through paintings I find the emotional element as an ultimate condition in creating a narrative and therefore making a successful artwork. I believe that I’ve managed to capture at least some of those crucial moments in my recent work and that each painting reveals a small part of my identity which the viewer can relate to.


Lukas Kasprowicz

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