Solo Art Exhibition – Chapelle des Pénitents, Callian, France

Atelier ‘Le Ponant’ is opened!!/fiche/atelier-de-kasprowicz-lukas-5065120/

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  • I just added a new piece of #art to  @SaatchiArt ! years ago



Drawing and sketching have been present in my life from a very early age but the journey with painting began for me just over ten years ago, after I had completed architectural studies. Inspired by my grandfather who himself was a painter I’ve been following his steps continuously exploring various styles and using different techniques. In 2006 I took the painting course at Central Saint Martins which helped me to develop my professional skills. Since then I’ve been experimenting with art and I still consider myself as a self-taught artist. My work has been exhibited in numerous shows, mostly across the UK.


Imagine that you’re about to start a new journey. You have only a rough idea what you need to take with you but you have absolutely no clue where you’re going. Let’s just say that you can merely choose the direction of your trip with the destination as a mystery. Doesn’t this sound exciting?
In many ways that’s how I often feel when I stand in front of the easel about to start a new painting. To me, what I’m really standing in front of, is another exciting journey to the unknown. In my instance, creating a new artwork always involves a huge baggage of emotions. This is probably a single yet ultimate condition allowing me to conceive any successful work. Without emotional element I would have inevitably fallen into a boredom which could then only result in producing a dull art.
As emotions tend to travel so do the moods in my paintings. The process of creating an artwork can be for me one of the most intense experiences. Sometimes this can become mentally and physically exhausting. Quite often though these feelings would be accompanied by a pure joy and exhilaration.
At the end of the road there’s a reward awaiting – a very brief moment when you know that you’ve completed your journey; the climax giving the unforgettable feeling of a fulfillment. But this feeling never lasts long.
The drive and the urge to create more are almost like a living thing in my mind. When these feelings fall asleep, it is usually only for a brief moment.
If I were ever to attempt to rationalise reasons behind my creative activity, I could probably quote after F.Nitzsche  ‘One must still have chaos within oneself, to give birth to a dancing star’
I just hope that one day I will be able to refer to my work as a ‘dancing star’.
Lukas Kasprowicz